In Other News, Hippo Eats Dwarf

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Hippo YawnThis post is completely random. Well, not quite… I found it via my Twitter feed here. Not to mention, the hippo’s wide open mouth is a perfect follow up to the previous post on yawning. Just looking at that pic of a yawning hippo makes me yawn. In case you’re wondering, I took that photo in 2006 at the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Oh, and no midgets little people were harmed while writing this post.

BANGKOK: A hippopotamus swallowed a circus dwarf in a “freak accident” in northern Thailand, according to a columnist in the Pattaya Mail.

So how’d it happen? Apparently the dwarf bounced off the trampoline the wrong way.  Yeah.

Here’s the original post: