Top Five Ad Picks

So I decided against watching the Super Bowl altogether, because, well, I just don’t like football that much. But I can’t resist watching the ads online after the fact. After careful consideration, here are my favorite five…

#5 – Jumpstart

Hairy man nipples and jumper cables. What more do I have to say?

#4 – Mouse Trap

The mood is set, the timing is right, and it hits you with a big punch at the end. Literally. I still like the original Snack Strong ad better, but this one still does it for me.

#3 – Baby

I just find something amusing about a talking baby giving me stock advice. In watching all of these ads, it seems as though we made it through an entire Super Bowl without any chimpanzees. How did that happen?

#2 – Breathe Fire

The timing is just right to hit you in the funny bone and trigger the laugh reflex. The other similar ad, Ability to Fly, just didn’t hit me with the same effect.

#1 – Squirrel

To make up for the lack of chimps, we had to substitute screaming squirrels and all sorts of other woodland creatures. And being easily amused, the loud noises really did it for me this time.

Of course there were some close runner-ups. Go Daddy once again tried to tease us with some tittilage, but that’s getting old by now. Victoria Secret took their usual lingerie-clad ads and threw in a football — big deal. The Diet Pepsi homage to “Night at the Roxbury” started with some great potential to bring out the SNL fan in me, but like the Butabi brothers, it simply failed to score.

So really, my favorite five just ended up being the only five that I really found creative and interesting. I was slightly disappointed with the selection.

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