Spam as poetry

Part of a recent spam email I received:

mamma thoughtit might be as well to frighten the wizard, soover his short-comings in her tender little heart.
will say it, but something between the two, as  like this. his blue suit and straw hat please  said fanny, disconsolately, for she began
room, while polly looked on, it was time

i want to be myself and enjoy what i havetouchedwoman to soften her tone a little, as shethe new guest, unbending a trifle, thanks
occasion that a neighbor’s cow had been roasted  his most cherished treasure, one cocoon,  the
that had been one of her last

that had been one of her lastto my friends and miss gale to strangers.thoroughly in earnest; sincerity always commandswhere love is
contained the latin versions of the same  betrayed curiosity. all this surprised and  she was just recovering

If this isn’t inspired by e e cummings’ poetry, I don’t know what is.

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